About Us
We strive to bring a significant changes around us, by empowering surrounding people, community and helping them to discover their unique talents.
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who we are

Proactive Group Georgia is a leading independent civil society organization, whose mission is to promote and support the development of a free, democratic and progressive-minded proactive society. We, team of enthusiasts, young professionals, youth workers united by proactive inspire and empower youth & new generation leaders and create learning opportunities for and by young people. Through promoting civil activism, entrepreneurship, democratic youth participation, cultural diversity, by various non-formal education activities, international forums, round-tables, training-seminars, we help people to develop key competences, grow on a personal and professional level, to be more proactive citizen of society. In order to strive our organization mission, ProActive Group Georgia implements various local and international projects and activities, joint events in cooperation with public and private sectors, EU institutions and taking active part in the Erasmus+ and different international programs. As, the Georgian community is very diverse, includes different minorities and people living in remote, rural areas are facing challenges of not having equal opportunities for personal and professional development to build up independently career. For this reasons organization established in rural area of Zugdidi, Georgia, we support youth with fewer opportunities from regions and disadvantaged areas, IDP’s, different minorities, to be actively engaged in our local and international activities. ProActive Group Georgia is a youth platform, which brings together creative enthusiasts, proactive minds and new generation leader full of ideas to make it happen for the meaningful purposes. Therefore, we have organized dozens of diverse activities, which accumulated unique experience, new methods and knowledge. Organization HQ is located in Tbilisi and also have 2 regional branches in Zugdidi and Senaki Municipality, where we actively organize different local community development initiatives, trainings, regional youth and teachers’ conferences, in active cooperation with Zugdidi Innovations & Tech park and Senaki municipality schools.

what we do

If you have an idea, but not much opportunity and resources around you, don’t worry. Few years before the organization officially established, we had a just concept of ProActivity, but nothing more, nothing more, no clue how to spread the idea widely among youth and help them to become more confident, how to inspire other people to become captains of their life, how to motivate them to start actions, instead of waiting and bringing positive changes around them.. Later we invest all our time and energy to our capacity building and we just made first steps towards proactive journey, we begin spreading proactivity all across the Georgia and join global proactive community. If you Strongly Believe in your idea, just look around and make actions to build a door of opportunities. Since 2016, ProActive Group Georgia empowering youth locally and connecting globally by advocating youth work at National & European level, organizing different international projects and events. Board members of the organization have over 7 years of working experience and expertise in different topics, such as: youth work, non-formal education, democracy, youth policy and participation, entrepreneurship and employability, volunteerism, active citizenship, integration and intercultural dialogue. Thanks for our international partners, we have already many successful partnership projects within Erasmus+ program and had an opportunity to send youth & adult groups (high school student, teachers, youth) to various international youth mobility, forums, trainings, keeping active level in Erasmus+ projects, means we have strong network of international partners all over the Europe and beyond. We also have experience of cooperation with different international donors such as Visegrad Fund, USAID/Georgia, EU Neighbours east, and other international partner NGO’s, institutions. We hosted various international projects, co-organizing together with EU institutions, governmental organizations and with other international NGO’s. Main Activity Fields: Youth Participation; Rural Development; Democracy; Employability and Entrepreneurship; Environmental protection, Active Citizenship, Media literacy, Intercultural Dialogue.